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AIR FORCES Cleaning and detailing services air forces

Cleaning and Detailing Services Airforces

* Wet or Dry Exterior Wash

* Detailed Interior Cleaning

* Carpet Cleaning & Extraction

* Brightwork on leading Edges,      Engine Lip Skins,

   Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizers

* Boots Cleaning & Treatment 

* Paint Polish

* GRANITIZE Protection Treatment

  on Paintwork & Brightwork


As most air forces around the world tend to have turbo prop aircraft for their Flight Training Schools, and most of these turbo props generate a lot of aggressive exhaust which gets embedded on their wings, fuselage and horizontal stabilizers, we have an ever increasing list of air forces from around the world who depend on our services to protect their aircraft and keeps them looking shiny with ease of cleaning even in the most demanding regions in the world.


We can go on site anywhere in the world to paint polish and treat their aircraft with the GRANITIZE Paint Protection Treatment which will give their aircraft a brand new lease of life on the paint work and protection from the harsh environment they operate in. This procedure will also allow the air forces to clean their aircraft without the use of water and other harsh chemicals which could affect the paint work.


Air Forces who - so far - have had their aircraft treated by us:

*  Swiss Air Force  (PC 21 fleet)

*  Finnish Air Force  (PC 12 fleet)

*  Qatar Emir Air Force  (PC 21 fleet)

*  Royal Air Force Oman  (PC 9 fleet)

*  Botswana Defence Force  (PC 7 MK II fleet)

*  Royal Australian Air Force  (PC 21 fleet  in production)

*  Royal Jordanian Air Force  (PC 21 fleet in production)

*  French Air Force  (PC 21 fleet in production)

*  QinetiQ Flight Training School (PC 21 fleet in production)



GRANITIZE was developed to extend the life of painted and unpainted aircraft surfaces and to help prevent corrosion. This revolutionary formula is NOT silicone or Teflon based. It utilizes Molecular Adhesion to create the highest level of protection and prevent parasitic drag. It also protects the surface against UV rays, makes the cleaning of the aircraft a much easier and faster process and hence cuts down time drastically.

It also postpones the re-painting of the aircraft for years, hence saving the owner and the operator lots of money in the process.

For detailed information about the services we provide on aircrafts of all kinds, please click here or contact us.
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