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JETS & PLANES Cleaning and Detailing Services Jets Planes Airplanes

Cleaning and Detailing Services Jets Planes Aircrafts

* Aircraft Window Polishing

* Wet or Dry Exterior Wash

* Detailed Interior Cleaning

* Carpet Cleaning & Extraction

* Brightwork on leading Edges,      Engine Lip Skins,

   Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizers

* Boots Cleaning & Treatment 

* Paint Polish

* Granitize Protection Treatment

  on Paintwork & Brightwork

* Leather  Cleaning & Painting

* Mtx Cleaning Gears, Wheel wells      & Rear Spars


Like any other surfaces, with continuous use and exposure to the harsh environment the aircraft is subjected to, windows will eventually get scratched and if not taken care of right away, might become a very costly exercise when needed to be replaced. We can now polish scratched windows to bring them back to their (almost) original condition using only aviation approved products and procedures.

Contact us for further information.




Due to strict environmental conditions in most airports around the world,

and especially where the water quality is not that great, this waterless washing technique is the most sought after by MRO operators and owners alike, as the aircraft can be professionally cleaned on site, without the need to have it moved to specially designated areas where water separation treatments would need to be installed.

Only bio-degradable and aviation approved products are used during the whole process which will leave the aircraft with a perfectly glossy finished look.




The wet wash procedure is mostly requested when the aircraft is very dirty and has been subjected to very harsh environmental conditions, such as high humidity, sand and saltwater. This procedure will only be available if at the location of the aircraft there is a water separation treatment in place in the designated wash area.

Once again, only bio-degradable and aviation approved products will be used

for this procedure.




The detailed interior cleaning covers the following areas of the aircraft:


            Cockpit Cleaning

            Vacuuming the entire Aircraft

            Leather Seat Clearing

            Galley Cleaning

            Toilet Cleaning

            Mirrors & Windows

            Cleaning of All Surfaces



Depending on the size and the condition of the interior of the aircraft, this is quite a lengthy procedure where all the drawers, foldable tables, hatches etc. are emptied and cleaned and everything put back in place. At the end of this procedure, the inferior of the aircraft will look spotless and will have a nice welcoming smell.

Once again, during this procedure, only aviation approved products are used.




Whenever vacuuming is just not enough, maybe due to continuous use without proper and constant care, carpet extraction is the only way you can be assured that your carpet is cleaned professionally, as this will ensure that all the dirt that has accumulated underneath the carpet has been extracted.




Due to the environment the aircraft operates in, both the paintwork and the chrome surfaces of the aircraft, such as leading edges, engine lip skins and stabilizers will eventually become null and oxidisation is formed. To bring back the shine on these chrome parts, brightwork needs to be performed using buffers and aviation approved different grades of chrome polish, depending on the extent of the dulling and oxidisation of the parts. By the end of this procedure, these parts will be back to their original shine. For further protection against rapid dulling, oxidisation and corrosion, we recommend that the brightwork is treated with Granitize X20-18.




Same as on the chrome surfaces,  the paintwork of the aircraft is subjected to harsh environments up in the air and by time, this will cause the dulling and oxidisation of the shiny painted surface due to buildup of dirt caused by turbine exhaust trails, etc etc. Depending on the extent of the dulling of the paintwork, this procedure can be performed either by hand and / or a buffer. By the end of this exercise, the aircraft will look like it has been repainted, but at a fraction of the cost. For further protection against rapid dulling, oxidisation and corrosion, we recommend that the paintwork is treated and protected with Granitize X20-15.




Rims and Tyres will be completely dry washed and then give them a shine to make them look like brand new.




Granitize X20-15 & X20-18 was developed to extend the life of painted and unpainted aircraft surfaces and to help prevent corrosion. This revolutionary formula is NOT silicone or Teflon based. It utilizes Molecular Adhesion to create the highest level of protection and prevent parasitic drag. It also protects the surface against UV rays, makes the cleaning of the aircraft a much easier and faster process and hence cuts down time drastically.

It also postpones the re-painting of the aircraft for years, hence saving the owner and the operator lots of money in the process.

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