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OPERATIONAL VEHICLES Cleaning and detailing services operational vehicles

Cleaning and Detailing Services Operational Vehicles

* Wet & Dry Exterior Wash

* Detailed Interior Cleaning

* Carpet Cleaning & Extraction

* Removal of Tiny Scratches

* Rims & Tyres Dressing

* GRANITIZE Paint Protection




We have recently been entrusted by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd in Switzerland to paint polish and treat their Panther Fire Truck which is always parked outside 24/7 and exposed

to the sun, rain, snow etc etc. The 20 year old vehicle was heavily oxidised and the paint work was showing a lot of fading, especially the sides where the UV rays hit it constantly and also the parts where the aggressive foam that is used to tackle the fires, hit the paint work. All that is gone and the paintwork is protected now.


We have polished the whole paintwork with several grades of cutting pastes and then gave it three coats of the GRANITIZE Paint Protection Treatment and the whole paint work came back to life and everyone was thinking that the Panther had a new paint job, when in actual fact, the whole procedure costed only a fraction of the amount it would have cost them for a new paint job, and the truck was always available for them for any emergencies that might have cropped up during the treatment.


If you would like us to quote you for this type of protection

any of your fire trucks and engines, please contact us for a free estimate.

All services mentioned in this section are also available for private vehicles.
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